ColorOS 14.0 Arrives in June: Official Version Rollout Begins!

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ColorOS 14.0 Arrives in June: Official Version Rollout Begins! (Image credit by oppo)

ColorOS 14.0: Great news for OPPO fans! The wait for the official release of ColorOS 14.0 is almost over. According to OPPO’s website, the official rollout is set to begin in June 2024. This comes after months of beta testing to ensure a smooth and bug-free experience for users.

ColorOS 14.0 is the latest iteration of OPPO’s custom user interface (UI) based on Android 14. It promises a range of exciting features and improvements designed to enhance your smartphone experience.

What’s New in ColorOS 14.0?

Here’s a glimpse of what you can expect with the official release of ColorOS 14.0:

  • Enhanced Performance: ColorOS 14.0 focuses on improving overall system performance and responsiveness. This means faster app loading times, smoother multitasking, and a more lag-free experience.
  • Privacy and Security Upgrades: Security and user privacy are a top priority for OPPO. ColorOS 14.0 introduces new features that give you more control over your data and protect your privacy.
  • Improved Design: The user interface of ColorOS 14.0 gets a refresh with a more modern and streamlined design. Expect a cleaner look, improved animations, and a more intuitive user experience.
  • Customizations: ColorOS has always been known for its extensive customization options. ColorOS 14.0 takes this a step further by offering even more ways to personalize your phone according to your preferences.
  • Focus on Digital Wellbeing: Finding a healthy balance with technology is important. ColorOS 14.0 introduces features that help you manage your screen time, set app usage limits, and promote digital wellbeing.

Which Phones Will Get ColorOS 14.0?

OPPO hasn’t released a complete list of devices that will receive the ColorOS 14.0 update. However, based on past trends, we can expect newer flagship models and some popular mid-range phones to be included in the first wave of the rollout.

  • Find N3
  • Find N3 Flip
  • Find N2 Flip
  • Find X5 Pro
  • Reno10 Pro+ 5G
  • Find X5
  • Find X3 Pro
  • Reno10 Pro 5G
  • Reno10 5G
  • Reno 8 Pro 5G
  • Reno 8 5G
  • Reno 8 
  • Reno 8 T 5G
  • Reno 8 Z 5G 
  • Reno 8 T 
  • Reno 7
  • F23 5G
  • F21s Pro 5G
  • F21s Pro 
  • F21 Pro
  • K10 5G
  • A79 5G 
  • A98 5G
  • A78 5G
  • A78 
  • A77 5G 
  • A77 
  • A77s
  • A59 5G
  • A58 
  • A57 
  • A57s
  • A38 
  • A18

The official website mentions the Find N2 Flip and Find X series as getting the beta version. This suggests they might be among the first to receive the official update in June.

How to Check if Your Phone Will Get ColorOS 14.0?

Unfortunately, there’s no official way to confirm if your specific phone will receive the ColorOS 14.0 update. However, you can stay updated by following OPPO’s official channels. They will likely announce the complete list of compatible devices closer to the official rollout date.

In the meantime, you can also check online forums and communities dedicated to OPPO phones. Often, other users or developers might have insights into the update schedule for specific models.

Things to Do Before Upgrading

Before upgrading to ColorOS 14.0, it’s always recommended to back up your important data. This includes your contacts, photos, videos, messages, and any other files you don’t want to lose.

While the official version is expected to be stable, creating a backup ensures you have a safety net in case of any unforeseen issues during the upgrade process.

ColorOS 14.0 Arrives in June: Official Version Rollout Begins!
ColorOS 14.0 Arrives in June: Official Version Rollout Begins! (Image credit by oppo)