Google Contacts Is Preparing to bring A New ‘Besties Widget’

The all-new Besties Widget for Google Contacts is coming soon! Stay organized and connected to your closest contacts.

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Google has been giving its Contacts app some love lately, with new features and improvements rolling out. Following the introduction of Individual contact widgets that can display notifications, Google is gearing up to introduce a new “Besties Widget.”

This news comes after Google introduced the Favorite Contacts widget last year. This widget lets you see up to seven of your most-used contacts at once and can be resized to fit your home screen.

Here’s the scoop on the Besties Widget:

  • Similar Look and Feel: Based on leaks from the latest Google Contacts version (4.35), the Besties Widget appears to have a layout very similar to the Favorite Contacts widget.
  • Focus on Starred Contacts: The Besties Widget is expected to display your most important contacts, likely based on which ones you’ve starred in the app.
  • Faster Communication: With quick access to your closest contacts, the Besties Widget should make it easier and faster to reach them through calls, texts, or emails.

Benefits of the Besties Widget:

  • Convenience: Having your most contact people readily available on your home screen saves you time searching through your entire contact list.
  • Prioritization: The Besties Widget helps you focus on the people you connect with most often, keeping them at your fingertips.
  • Personalization: By using starred contacts, the Besties Widget tailors itself to your specific needs and communication habits.

Beyond the Besties Widget: What Else Can We Expect from Google Contacts?

While the Besties Widget is a welcome addition, there are other potential improvements on the horizon for Google Contacts:

  • Offline Access: Currently, some features in Google Contacts require an internet connection. Allowing offline access would be a big plus for situations where you don’t have a signal.
  • Contact Groups: The ability to create and manage contact groups would make it even easier to organize your contacts and send group messages.
  • Integration with Other Apps: Expanding integration with other Google apps, like Google Meet or Chat, could streamline communication even further.

Moreover, the Besties Widgets within Google Contacts are currently in the development stage, as Google is still working on it and the company can make several changes.

However, it’s still not fully functional. Google might make this Besties Widget live in Google Contacts.

Also, it’s important to highlight that the Besties widget feature within Google Contacts is under work, and it happens to have some new updates in the future. For now, the new Besties Widget layout looks precisely similar to the Favorites Contacts widget layout.

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