Google may now add Quick Share directly to the File App

2 Min Read

Google is set to enhance the Files by Google app, speeding up the file-receiving process by introducing a new Quick Share Shortcut. While Files by Google already offers a feature to scan and digitize documents—available for some time now and soon to be rolled out to all users—this new update adds even more functionality.

In addition to the scanning feature, the app will soon include another button for sharing features. Currently spotted in the beta version 1.4076.648107679.0 of the Files app, this new button, positioned below the scan button, serves as a shortcut to Quick Share. It is designed to facilitate the reception of files from other devices directly on your handset.

Previously, users needed to access Quick Settings by swiping down from the top of the screen to share files. With the introduction of this new button, the sharing process becomes significantly faster. To help users get acquainted with this feature, Google has also released a demonstration video.


Clicking this button will temporarily make your device visible to everyone nearby, allowing you to share files with the people you choose. The sharing process will only begin once you accept the file, ensuring that you maintain control over what you receive. If you leave without accepting the file, Quick Share will automatically deactivate. The company has prioritized your device’s privacy throughout this process.