Google Will No Longer Support Continuous Scroll In Search Results

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Google is ending support for continuous scrolling in its search results. This feature, which offers users infinite scrolling, will soon be discontinued according to a recent report.

The report states that Google, the popular search engine, will stop the continuous scrolling feature that allows users to see endless results. Introduced for mobile searches in 2021 and for the desktop version in late 2022, this feature is now being phased out.

With the removal of continuous scrolling, users will return to the classic pagination bar at the bottom of Google Search results. On mobile, a new “More Results” button will be added, while the desktop version will feature a “Next” button at the bottom of the page.

A Google official confirmed that continuous scrolling will be discontinued for desktop searches starting June 25th, with the mobile search feature being removed in the coming months. This change is expected to help Google servers provide search results faster by loading only the results requested by the user.