HONOR Opens Android 15 Beta Testing for Developers on Magic6 Pro and Magic V2

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Early access to the upcoming Android version allows developers to optimize apps for HONOR flagships

HONOR has announced the rollout of Android 15 Beta 1 for developers, starting May 10th. The HONOR Magic6 Pro and Magic V2 are the first devices to receive this update, giving developers a head start on testing new features and ensuring app compatibility with the upcoming Android version.

This beta program offers developers valuable benefits:

  • Early access: Be among the first to experience the features and functionalities of Android 15.
  • Improved app compatibility: Test and optimize apps for the new Android version, ensuring a smooth user experience on HONOR devices.
  • Enhanced development: Gain insights into the upcoming Android features to tailor apps for the latest trends.

Focus on Privacy and Security

Android 15 promises a significant focus on user privacy and security. Some of the expected features include:

  • SDK Sandboxing: This isolates advertising and other services, preventing unauthorized access to user data.
  • Enhanced Privacy Indicator: A new permission management portal provides users with greater control over app permissions.

HONOR’s Commitment to Developers

HONOR is committed to providing developers with the tools and resources they need to create exceptional apps for HONOR devices. This beta program is a testament to that commitment. In addition to the current release, HONOR has pledged ongoing support with the next update to Android 15 Beta scheduled for later this summer.

Both the Magic6 Pro and Magic V2 are guaranteed to receive four major MagicOS updates and five years of security updates, showcasing HONOR’s dedication to long-term software support for its users.sharemore_vert

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