iOS 18: What to Expect from Apple’s Biggest Software Update Ever

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iOS 18: Apple is known for its constant innovation and improvement of its products and services. One of the most anticipated events for Apple fans is the annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), where the company showcases its latest software updates and features. This year, WWDC is expected to take place in June, and according to some reports, Apple is preparing to unveil iOS 18, the next major update for its iPhone operating system.

AI and Generative AI: The Core of iOS 18

iOS 18 is rumored to be one of the biggest and most ambitious updates in the history of iOS, with a focus on artificial intelligence (AI) and generative AI. AI is the technology that enables machines to perform tasks that normally require human intelligence, such as understanding language, recognizing images, and making decisions. Generative AI is a subset of AI that can create new content or data, such as text, images, music, or code, based on existing data or rules.

According to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, who has a reliable track record of reporting on Apple’s plans, iOS 18 will introduce a new version of Siri, Apple’s voice assistant, that will leverage a new AI system. This system will allow Siri to better understand natural language, complete sentences, and answer questions. Additionally, iOS 18 will also bring new features that will improve how both Siri and the Messages app can auto-complete sentences and field questions.

Another area where iOS 18 will use generative AI is in Apple Music, Apple’s music streaming service. iOS 18 will reportedly introduce auto-generated playlists, similar to Spotify’s Discover Weekly and Release Radar, that will offer personalized recommendations based on the user’s listening habits and preferences.

Other Improvements and Features

iOS 18 will also use generative AI to enhance the development tools and productivity apps that Apple offers. For example, Xcode, Apple’s software development platform, will use generative AI to help developers write new applications faster and easier. Similarly, Pages and Keynote, Apple’s word processing and presentation apps, will use generative AI to help users create and edit documents and slides.

Besides AI, iOS 18 is also expected to bring other improvements and features to the iPhone, such as support for RCS (Rich Communication Services), a new standard for messaging that will offer better interoperability and functionality than SMS or MMS. However, Apple has confirmed that messages sent from an Android user to an iPhone will still appear in green bubbles, indicating that they are not using iMessage, Apple’s own messaging service.


iOS 18 is still months away from its official announcement and release, so there may be more details and surprises that Apple has in store for its users. However, based on the reports and rumors so far, iOS 18 seems to be a promising and exciting update that will make the iPhone smarter, faster, and more personalized than ever before.

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