OnePlus 10 Pro Receives April 2024 Security Update

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OnePlus began rolling out the April 2024 security update for the OnePlus 10 Pro in mid-April, joining other OnePlus devices in receiving the important patch. This update focuses on enhancing system security and improving overall system stability.

While the exact date the update reached the 10 Pro may vary by region, OnePlus confirmed the rollout around April 17th. The update, likely delivered as OxygenOS 14.x.x (depending on your specific version), doesn’t appear to introduce any major new features for the 10 Pro.

This update is crucial for OnePlus 10 Pro users, as it addresses potential security vulnerabilities and helps keep your device protected.

How to check for the update:

OnePlus typically rolls out updates in stages. To check if the update is available for your OnePlus 10 Pro, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Settings app on your OnePlus 10 Pro.
  2. Scroll down and tap on “System.”
  3. Tap on “System updates.”
  4. Your phone will check for updates. If the April 2024 update is available, you will see it listed here.
  5. Tap on “Download and install” to download and install the update.

Once the update is downloaded, your phone will prompt you to restart. After restarting, your OnePlus 10 Pro will be up to date with the latest security patch.

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