OPPO Find X7 Ultra Becomes First Phone with 5.5G (5G Advanced) Technology

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The OPPO Find X7 Ultra has become the first commercially available smartphone to support the next generation of mobile network technology, 5.5G (also known as 5G Advanced). This news follows recent rumors about 5.5G and its potential benefits.

5.5G promises significant improvements over current 5G networks, including:

  • Faster data speeds: Expect download speeds 10 times faster than current 5G.
  • Improved reliability: 5.5G offers more stable connections.
  • Enhanced power efficiency: New technology allows for better battery life on devices using 5.5G.
  • Wider frequency range: 5.5G can utilize frequencies above 6 GHz, opening up more bandwidth.

China is currently leading the way in 5.5G deployment, with the Find X7 Ultra being the first phone to take advantage of this new network. This is likely to spur other manufacturers to develop compatible devices soon.

The initial rollout of 5.5G covers over 100 major cities in China, including Beijing and Shanghai. We can expect this technology to expand to other regions in the coming years.


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