Samsung Galaxy S25+ to launch next year, will not be discontinued as rumoured before

Samsung Galaxy S25+ Confirmed: The Plus Model Stays in the Game for 2024

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Samsung’s Galaxy S25 series is set to launch next year, and there has been a lot of buzz about the upcoming phones. On [specific date], a new report clarified a recent rumor suggesting that the Galaxy S25+ would not be launched next year. Contrary to this claim, Samsung is indeed keeping the Plus model in its lineup.

Galaxy S25+ Is Here to Stay

Last week, Android Headlines reported that only two models, the Galaxy S25 and Galaxy S25 Ultra, were found in the IMEI database. This led many to believe that Samsung was dropping the Plus variant. However, a recent report from GizmoChina has dispelled these concerns. According to their findings, the Galaxy S25+ appeared in the GSMA database, confirming that it will be launched next year. SamMobile also supported this news, affirming that the Plus model is not being removed from the series.

Confirmed Launch of All Three Models

Despite the earlier IMEI database report suggesting otherwise, it now seems certain that Samsung will release all three models in 2024. These include the Galaxy S25, Galaxy S25+, and Galaxy S25 Ultra. The IMEI database is an important step for any new phone launch, but it’s clear that premature conclusions were drawn without sufficient evidence. Samsung enthusiasts can rest assured that the Galaxy S25+ is indeed part of the lineup.

Exciting Features of the Galaxy S25 Series

There have been numerous rumors and leaks about the Galaxy S25 series. One significant update is that Samsung plans to use only the Snapdragon 8 Gen 4 chipset across all models. This means there might not be an Exynos-powered Galaxy S25 next year. The Galaxy S25 Ultra, in particular, is expected to have rounded edges and could be the thinnest Ultra model to date.

What to Expect from the Galaxy S25+

The Galaxy S25+ will serve as the mid-tier variant in Samsung’s flagship series. While detailed specifications are yet to be confirmed, the Plus model typically offers a balanced mix of high-end features without the premium price tag of the Ultra variant. Fans can anticipate a powerful performance, advanced camera systems, and sleek design, characteristic of Samsung’s Plus models.

Summary of the Galaxy S25 Series Rumors

  • Galaxy S25: The standard model, expected to feature top-tier performance with the latest Snapdragon chipset.
  • Galaxy S25+: The mid-tier variant, now confirmed for launch, offering a balance of premium features and affordability.
  • Galaxy S25 Ultra: The flagship model with potential rounded edges and a slimmer design, poised to be the most advanced in the series.