WhatsApp Meta AI Will Allow generate images of themselves

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WhatsApp is set to roll out an exciting new feature allowing users to create their own images using Meta AI within the app. This update has been released through the WhatsApp Google Play Beta program, bringing the app to version Currently, the feature is available exclusively for testers.

WhatsApp Meta AI: Create Your Own Images

Alongside this, WhatsApp is developing the WhatsApp Meta AI Llama model with the Android update. Users will have the option to choose between different Llama models for their AI interactions. The default Llama 3-70B model is designed for quick and simple prompts, while the advanced Llama 3-405B model can handle more complex queries.

This new feature will enable users to create AI-powered images. By taking a photo, users can generate images with Meta AI. Furthermore, users can delete their setup photos at any time through the Meta AI settings.

To utilize this feature, users need to take setup photos and then type “Imagine me” in the Meta AI conversation. This feature is optional, and those interested will need to manually enable it in their settings and take the setup photos first.