Xiaomi testing a single, system-wide disable ads toggle button in HyperOS: report

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Xiaomi’s MIUI offers many features, but its integration of ads has been a major drawback, disrupting the seamless user experience. Responding to customer dissatisfaction, Xiaomi previously allowed users to uninstall default apps and disable recommendations/ads within specific apps. However, this process was cumbersome and not widely known, frustrating many users. In a promising new development, Xiaomi is reportedly testing a single toggle to disable system-wide ads.


HyperOS/MIUI May Soon Feature a Unified Ad Disabling Toggle

MIUI/HyperOS, Xiaomi’s proprietary operating system, incorporates ads for revenue generation. However, customer feedback has prompted the company to explore a more user-friendly solution.

According to Smartprix, Xiaomi is currently testing a single toggle button that would disable all system-wide ads. This feature has been spotted in a test build on the Xiaomi 13 Pro. Presently, disabling ads involves navigating through multiple menus and settings, making the process tedious and time-consuming. Additionally, many users are unaware of these steps.

This new single toggle could streamline the process, giving users better control over their experience. For Xiaomi, this approach allows them to continue generating revenue from users who prefer to keep ads enabled while enhancing the user experience for those who do not.

Notably, the report does not specify a timeline for the rollout of this feature. It also remains unclear whether the toggle will be a permanent addition or if it is being tested only in specific regions for a limited time.