Jio Launches Satellite Internet Service: High-Speed Internet up to 2Gbps Will Be Available Directly from Satellite Without Tower and Cable

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Reliance Jio, India’s leading telecom operator, has launched a satellite internet service called JioSpace Fiber. The service is aimed at providing high-speed broadband internet access to remote areas that have limited or no access to terrestrial networks.

JioSpace Fiber is a low-earth orbit (LEO) satellite internet service, which means that the satellites are located much closer to Earth than traditional geostationary satellites. This results in lower latency and higher speeds.

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Jio claims that JioSpace Fiber can provide speeds of up to 2Gbps, which is significantly faster than most terrestrial broadband services in India. The service is also expected to be more reliable, as it is not affected by weather conditions or other environmental factors.

JioSpace Fiber is currently in beta testing, and is expected to be commercially launched in early 2024. The company has not yet announced the pricing of the service, but it is expected to be competitive with other satellite internet services such as Starlink.

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JioSpace Fiber is a significant development for India, as it will bring high-speed internet access to millions of people who currently have no access to it. The service is also expected to boost the country’s economy, as it will enable businesses to operate more efficiently and provide new opportunities for entrepreneurs.

JioSpace Fiber