Oppo F27 Pro+ Unveiling Expected on June 13th: Here’s What We Know So Far

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The wait for the Oppo F27 Pro+ is almost over. Oppo is gearing up to launch its latest smartphone on June 13th. While the company remains tight-lipped about all the details, leaks and rumors have painted a promising picture of what to expect.

Powerful Performance and Latest Software

Under the hood, the Oppo F27 Pro+ is expected to pack a punch with the MediaTek Dimensity 7050 processor. This chipset is known for its ability to handle everyday tasks and even some light gaming smoothly. This is likely to be paired with 8GB of RAM, ensuring smooth multitasking.

The phone is also rumored to be one of the first to run the brand-new Android 14 operating system right out of the box. This means users will get access to the latest features and security updates from Google.

Camera System and Design

While the official camera specifications remain under wraps, leaks suggest a 64-megapixel main sensor at the back. This will likely be accompanied by a few additional lenses, though their specific functions are yet to be revealed. On the front, an 8-megapixel selfie camera is expected.

The Oppo F27 Pro+ is also rumored to boast a striking design. The phone is expected to feature a curved AMOLED display, offering an immersive viewing experience. Additionally, whispers suggest a circular camera module on the back, which could add a touch of elegance to the phone’s overall look.

Durability and Other Features

One of the most exciting rumors surrounding the Oppo F27 Pro+ is its supposed IP69 rating. This rating signifies that the phone is dustproof and can withstand high-pressure water jets. If true, this would make the F27 Pro+ a great option for those who lead active lifestyles or are prone to accidents.

While details are scarce, other expected features include a large battery, likely around 5,000mAh, to keep the phone powered throughout the day. Fast charging capabilities are also a possibility.

Pricing and Availability

Oppo has yet to announce the official pricing of the F27 Pro+. However, considering its rumored specifications, it is likely to fall into the mid-range price segment. The phone is expected to launch first in India on June 13th, with availability in other regions yet to be confirmed.

Oppo F27 Pro+ price in India

While the official specifications and launch date are awaited, the biggest question on everyone’s mind is the price. Leaks suggest that the Oppo F27 Pro+ could carry a starting price tag of ₹30,990 (approximately USD $400) in India.

Oppo F27 Pro+ Unveiling Expected on June 13th: Here's What We Know So Far