CMF Watch Pro 2, Buds Pro 2 pops up on FCC ahead of official launch

CMF Watch Pro 2 and Buds Pro 2: Leaked Specs Reveal Exciting Upgrades SEO URL: cmf-watch-pro-2-buds-pro-2-launch-specs-india

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Tech enthusiasts in India rejoice! Just days before their official launch on July 8th, the CMF Watch Pro 2 and CMF Buds Pro 2 have been spotted on the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) website. While CMF has already revealed some key features, the FCC listing provides some interesting details about these upcoming wearables.

CMF Watch Pro 2: A Rounder Look and Global Availability0

The FCC listing confirms the CMF Watch Pro 2 (model number D398) will sport a circular display, a departure from the square design of its predecessor. While sporting a slightly smaller 295mAh battery compared to the Watch Pro’s 340mAh, the Watch Pro 2 will still offer essential connectivity features like Bluetooth, GPS (Galileo and GLONASS).

Color options seem exciting, with the listing revealing Ash Grey, Dark Grey, Blue, and Orange options. Interestingly, the FCC database suggests a global launch, with the watch available in India, the US, UK, Canada, Japan, and Australia.

CMF Buds Pro 2: Bigger Battery and HiFi Audio Hints

The CMF Buds Pro 2 (model number B172) also on the FCC website. The listing suggests a slightly bigger battery (60mAh) compared to the Buds Pro’s 55mAh. Bluetooth connectivity is a given, and the schematic render of the charging case hints at a rectangular design.

Expected Features Based on CMF Teasers

While the FCC listing offers valuable clues, CMF has also teased some exciting features. The Watch Pro 2 is expected to ditch the square design for a classic circular dial with a functional crown. Rumors also suggest the signature CMF orange band will be available.

The CMF Buds Pro 2 are anticipated to offer a significant upgrade in noise cancellation, boasting 50db Hybrid ANC compared to the Buds Pro’s 45db.

Audiophiles will be happy to hear about the inclusion of dual drivers for HiFi sound, promising richer and more detailed audio. The most intriguing rumor is the possible integration with ChatGPT, hinting at innovative voice assistant capabilities.

Launch and Availability

Both the CMF Watch Pro 2 and CMF Buds Pro 2 are expected to be launched in India on July 8th and will likely be available for purchase on Flipkart soon after. We can expect more details about the smartwatch to be revealed at the official launch event.