Sonos draws more customer anger — this time for its privacy policy

Sonos updates privacy policy to improve transparency, user control, and security over data.

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Sonos Privacy Policy

Sonos Privacy Policy: Sonos, the popular audio company, recently updated its privacy policy to clarify what data it collects and how it uses that data. The updated policy was announced on June 17, 2024, and will go into effect immediately.

The new policy aims to be more transparent and user-friendly, addressing concerns about data privacy and security. 

The policy states that Sonos collects data such as voice commands, usage data, and device information to improve the customer experience and provide personalized content.

However, the company also clarified that it does not sell or share customer data with third-party partners for advertising purposes. 

The data collected is only used to improve the Sonos experience and is kept secure through encryption and other security measures.

Sonos also provided users with more control over their data. Users can now access and delete their data through the Sonos app or by contacting customer support. 

Furthermore, users can opt-out of data collection altogether, though this may limit the functionality and features of the Sonos products.

The updated policy also includes information on how Sonos uses cookies and other tracking technologies. The company states that it uses cookies to track user behavior on its website and app to improve the user experience and provide personalized content. Users can manage their cookie settings through their web browser or the Sonos app.

Overall, the updated privacy policy provides users with more transparency, control, and security over their data. The policy is easy to understand and user-friendly, ensuring that customers can make informed decisions about their data privacy.

Sonos Privacy Policy
Sonos Privacy Policy