Google Messages Glitch Stuck in Time Loop, Future Dates Off-Limits for Some Users

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Google Messages Glitch: As the clock chimed midnight on New Year’s Eve, some Google Messages users encountered a strange phenomenon – they couldn’t send messages scheduled for beyond December 31st, 2023. The future, it seems, became inaccessible within the app.

While others can freely traverse the calendar within the app, for some, future dates appear shrouded in a gray haze, unresponsive to touch. Attempts to manually enter a future date are met with a terse “Date not allowed” message, leaving them marooned in the present.

Adding to the mystery, some users report the “Later Today” scheduling option and syncing across devices are also experiencing glitches. The reason behind this temporal lockout remains unclear, with affected profiles seemingly chosen at random.

Google, for its part, has yet to officially acknowledge the issue, leaving users in the dark and fueling speculation. However, the resourceful tech community has already begun crafting workarounds. Utilizing the “Tomorrow, 8:00 AM” preset or scheduling messages through other apps are offering temporary relief.

Whether this is a minor bug or a symptom of a deeper problem, the Google Messages glitch is a curious hiccup in the flow of communication. As we await an official diagnosis and fix, the tech community’s ingenuity is keeping the conversations flowing, even if slightly detoured.

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Google Messages Glitch